Important things to consider while installing a photocall

The photo call is actually the foldable fabric which is an ideal choice for printing the pictures and texts for the purpose of trading the events and shows. The photocall is very simple to use in a few minutes and install the advertisement details or photographs by attaching the printing visuals to fix with the simple gesture using the Velcro system. While choosing a right photo call for your advertisement or other needs, you just need to keep these important things in mind.


  • Install photo call in an appropriate place – The event organizers should be very careful in installing your photo call in a right place. It should be clearly visible to all the attendees who are all coming to the party or any other sporting event.
  • Be honest and have realistic expectations – The well planned and well executed photo call will surely get the 9/10 times of coverage in the national papers. If you really believe that your advertising story is realistic, it will surely get your desired level in the papers.
  • Believe your photographer – It is better having the best and believable photographer in order to take the various images to satisfy all your needs for the publishing in various national papers.
  • Keep your eyes on the photographer and make sure all the necessary shots are taken – When the PR person is taking with your clients, you should keep an eye on the photographer to take the creative images for the successful photo call installation.